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“It’s been very difficult,” saith

The LORD, “to get My people

to come and get what I have provided for [them].


I’ve provided more than you

can see any way to use. I’ve

provided beyond your ability to

ask or think. Come on up here

with Me. Come on up here and

think with Me. Look down on

the earth. Don’t be one on the

earth looking up to heaven.

No. I raised you up to sit with

Me. I raised you up. You’re

seated there now if you would

just change your attitude and

change elevations.


“I told the devil to crawl on his

belly. I told you to come up

here. So, come up hither. Come

up hither,” saith The LORD.

“Come up to the throne of God.

Come up and sit with Me on the

throne of grace, and look at all

I have provided for you. I have

made you wealthy beyond your

wildest dreams. If you would

just understand and realize that

I am The LORD that healeth

thee. I am The LORD that gives

you the power to get wealth.

Now receive that power.


“I blessed you with THE BLESSING

of Abraham. I blessed you with

a future that’s glorious and

beyond compare. So, rejoice!

Rejoice! I say again, rejoice!

Because all is well in the

household of faith.”





—Prophecy delivered by

Kenneth Copeland

April 15, 2018, Eagle Mountain

International Church


(From KCM-BVOV Magazine December 2018)





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