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Below is the list of chapters from the recently revised teaching from Foundation Ministries International (FMI). Each is available in PDF format and can be downloaded.

  1. Preface
  2. Jesus in Us
  3. Life of Grace in Jesus
  4. Identity 1 (paragraph format)
  5. Identity 1 (outline format)
  6. Identity 2 (paragraph format)
  7. Identity 2 (outline format)
  8. Spirit, Soul, Body
  9. New Man, New Heart
  10. Rest in the Lord
  11. Overcoming Our Sins
  12. Overview on Sins
  13. Are You Striving
  14. Using the Law to Motivate Christians
  15. Law in the Gospels - Where the New Covenant Begins
  16. Free from the Law
  17. Lost (Natural) versus Fleshly versus Spiritual Man
  18. Legalism, An Evil in the Church
  19. Power of Sin
  20. What is the Exchanged Life
  21. The Two Kingdoms
  22. Ministry or Personal Kingdom
  23. Gifts and Tithes
  24. The Flesh
  25. The Simplicity and Purity of Devotion to Christ
  26. Eternal Life
  27. Two Covenants