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Heavenly Father, I pray this prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit, by the authority of the written Word of God, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Anointed One, and by His Blood and the Word in Matthew 16:19.




All fear, doubt, and unbelief. All pride, arrogance, complacency and self-satisfaction. All division, discord and disunity. All rebellion, disobedience, confusion and disorder. All strife, anger, wrath, hatred, violence and murder. All criticism, condemnation, vainglory, envying, jealousy and gossip. All slander, evil speaking and filthy communications out of people's mouths. All lying, scorning, and delaying spirits. Slothfulness, lust, and gluttony. All poverty, greed, lack or want or fear of lack. All fear and fear related spirits. All harassing and tormenting spirits. All addicting spirits, thieving spirits, obscene spirits, and seducing spirits. All false teachings, false gifts, manifestations and lying signs and wonders. All spirits of the Antichrist, all occult and witchcraft spirits.


I break all curses that had been placed and break the power of negative words and attitudes coming out of the mouths of the people. In the name of Jesus, I cut off all generational curses and diseases. I break and render useless all prayers not inspired by the Holy Spirit, whether psychic, soul force, witchcraft, counterfeit tongues or prayers out of ignorance that had been placed against me.


Devil, you must flee from me now in terror. No weapon, no evil, shall prosper against me. I am subject to God and I resist the devil and his demons. I put on the whole armor of God. I take authority over all demons and those people influenced by them and I declare that all demons are under my feet and shall remain there this entire day. I am God's property, so the devil and his demons are out of my life, body, mind, family, home, job, business dealings, finances and all that concerns me.


I loose God's will in my life, His blessings of prosperity, deliverance, healing and salvation in the Name of Jesus.


My steps are ordered of the Lord. The Holy Spirit leads me into all truth. I discern between the righteous and the wicked, between those that serve God and those that don't.


I take authority over this day, in Jesus name, that it be prosperous for my spirit, soul, body and finances. I plead the blood of Jesus over every area of my life. Let me walk in Your love and show forth Your glory. I thank you Lord for your righteousness. I thank you Lord that I have a God kind of faith--an ever increasing, limitless faith.


I pray for the ministry you have called me to be a part of in my local church -- for the ministry you have called me to walk in. I thank you for the financial support to do the work unhindered by lack. I thank you for helps to assist in this work. For intercessors to hold the ministry up in prayer at all times. I pray that all involved are perfectly united in our common goal, understanding, opinions, and judgments. We stand firm in a united spirit and purpose, working side-by-side, centering in on the Gospel work. We live in harmony and unity, sharing the same love. We do nothing through strife or vainglory. We follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness and long-suffering.


I confess that I am called, anointed and equipped to accomplish all that God has called me to do. I overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony and I ask you Lord to dispatch ministering angels to their assigned task to protect and assist me this day according to Your will and their assignments by Your Word. I rebuke any negative expectations. I have received Your forgiveness and I forgive all people. I receive from the Lord; He is my provider. I thank you for Divine appointments with open doors of opportunity. I call forth God-ordained increase and multiplication of souls, ministry recruits and positions. I declare it so, in Jesus name. May the Lord perfect all that concerns me. I stand in the victory Jesus Christ has won for me.


I put on the full armor of God according to Ephesians 6:10-18. No spirits of retaliation can come against me, my family, my possessions, or my investments. When trouble comes, it will not see me, nor my family for we are hidden in the shadow of God's wings, covered with the blood of the Lamb.  AMEN!

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